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EUROELETTRA since 1987

  • 2012-2014. EUROELETTRA products in the industry. Well established own brand products Euroelettra in industry; thanks to all the experience and expertise of Euroelettra Engineering self-developed products "E-series" definitely penetrate the domestic and international market.
  • 2012. Updating of our website and expansion of our best engineering to Brazil.

  • 2011. Consolidation in other sectors. Euroelettra Engineering, SL participates in international fairs as Powtech (Germany) presenting their products and solutions, as EDV ® systems, E-moistrure, EWBseries and E-gravimetric, among others.

  • 2010. Euroelettra Ingeniería. Always looking foward. Euroelettra, S.L.  evolves to Euroelettra Ingeniería, SL in order to develop and propose solutions to their clients, both for its traditional industrial sector (ceramic), and with other industrial sectors.

  • 2009. EDV® system appears. . As a result of researching and studying market needs, Euroelettra, SL launches its system for regulation and quality control in continuous milling. This system obtains the PATENT and TRADEMARK because of its innovation worldwide.

  • 2008. Diversification.  Euroelettra, S.L.  After an intense technical-commercial work Euroelettra, SL develops and implements projects in industries as diverse as automotive, mining, recycling plastics, fertilizers, textile or food bringing in these projects both technology and all our knowledge and experience.

    Project certification as R & D.  Euroelettra S.L. becomes the first company to certify their projects as R & D by Impiva.

  • 2004 - 2008. At the forefront of ceramic processes. The ceramic industry is in a big expansion and Euroelettra SL continues providing technology and knowledge control in avant-garde ceramic production processes as:

    • Technical Porcelain tile production (technological towers)
    • Production of Glazed Porcelain tiles (atomized powder dry colored with micro dosage of metallic oxides).
    • Inkjet technology (control switchboards manufacture for the company Kerajet).


  • 2006. Euroelettra within the ISO 9001 quality system. .

  • 2003. Internacionalization of Euroelettra.  Euroelettra, S.L. onsolidates its walking internationally providing control technology in factories for the production of ceramic glazes in Asia, Central America, South America and Central Europe, through the integration of Tele-Assistance services to all levels of the process.

  • 2002. Updating our corporative image and creation of our website.

  • 2000. Ready for the new millennium. The best systems are developed for large enterprises, who trust in our company and are preparing for a new era with great prospects and progress.

  • 1996. Inauguration of the new factory. The company's growth led to expand facilities building what is nowadays our current headquarters.

  • 1994. Weighing systems were highly favored applications with the incorporation of computer systems.

  • 1993. Increase the frequency of use of computer with control cabinets.

  • 1992. Object-oriented Programming. The evolution of programming languages ​​under Windows environment, was a major leap in supervision systems, making applications more powerful and more interactive with the user. It (separo la oració) improved information exchange with spreadsheets and databases, facilitating the sending of this information to the management systems.

  • 1991. Performing automated plants. The computer monitoring systems were in full expansion. The possibilities offered by computer science attached to the quick evolution of computer equipment with increasing power and performance, made it to open a whole new world to the concept of control. 

  • 1990. First steps in Integral Control. Euroelettra, S.L. presents its range of comprehensive control of a ceramic production plant, with whom makes it possible to capture information from different production processes and centralizes this information for the management and control of production costs.

  • 1989. Beginnings in Computer Monitoring. Not only was it possible to program the systems, but it also could display the operating status, working parts or stop parts. The performance of these systems was based on the programming language of Microsoft Quick Basic, and the communication with Plc control should be performed by using its program code, without the aid of current communications drivers.

  • 1988. First Systems with Computer Managment. It was a granulated product packaging, with eight weighing stations. For this project we used an IBM personal computer connected to the control plc. The parameters of the packaging machine were programmed from the computer.

  • 1987. Fundation. Euroelettra, S.L. started its activity in the industrial automation world in order to provide engineering support to companies for the development of their control system, with high performance and excellent quality. To achieve this, the latest technology was combined with an excellent human team. 



 Although Euroelettra has been involved in several projects with robotics in the last three years, has been in this 2014, when we have become consolidated in this type of industry autonomously with turnkey projects like the one we just take enforcement within the demanding automotive; where one of the largest manufacturers of springs for suspensions nationally has trusted our company to implement a dual robotic handling system of springs with demands and production techniques such as:

- Cycle times of less than 4.5 s

- Product temperature to 300 ° C

- Failure rates below 1%

- Continuous operation (24 hours a day)

- 6,000,000 million operations per year (per robot).

Opens a new path, which joined the Engineering Euroelettra philosophy of offering solutions, will allow to propose to our clients a product that can improve productivity, as well corroborated both robotics projects those who are already working to traditional customers in the ceramic sector, in which only viable solutions very particular through the prism of robotics project. Despite being an eminently particularized industry, we have the client's approval to include in this article a video of the last two robots that have been implemented for automotive industry.



Important bet on this 2014 Porcelanosa Group Euroelettra brand products with the acquisition for its production centers of the systems:

-   EDV® series. The quality control system and patented milling Euroelettra Engineering also part of the set of machines purchased by the Porcelanosa Group for its new process of continuous wet milling; with the acquisition of version "trend" for the control and regulation of the density and viscosity.

- EWB-300. Integration of THREE NEW autonomous units in production of Technical Porcelanic URBATEK. The EWB-300 units allow continuous dosing of ceramic raw materials with working ranges from 60 kg / hr to 9000 kg / hr



jul13 01

-         EWBbastidor. Transformation of TEN extractors bands of  raw material to extraction-dosing bands for continuous preparation recipe formulation necessary for the new continuous wet milling

-          EWBbastidor. E-gravimetric. Integration of two autonomous systems for continuous gravimetric liquid additives for new continuous wet milling dosing.



 Success and "mission accomplished" in different open internationally fronts for our company in this 2014 ...
Plants in Brazil (melting furnaces fried), Indonesia (melting furnaces fried) and India (making commodities) are now fully operational within agreed deadlines and meeting all the requirements set by customers. Globalization is already an important part of the turnover of Euroelettra Engineering and by the year 2015 projects in Central Europe and North Africa will contribute to expanding our global presence. All developed monitoring systems offer remote connection for instant Telecare services and production monitoring.

jul13 01



Again a major international group, based in France, has relied on our services to pursue the implementation of a comprehensive system of data acquisition and processing in real time for one of its production plants in Spain The project will be operational by the end of 2014 and covers the necessary hardware extensions on existing plant systems, like all software development as jointly designed according to customer needs, which has been highly valued by the technical management of this multinational group.

jul13 01



 Ayudando en los deportes populares y siendo fiel un año más a la asociación Serra Solá btt en la 2ª marcha BTT de Canet lo Roig; donde el pasado día 14 de septiembre se reunieron cerca de 200 participantes, convirtiendo la mañana del domingo en una gran fiesta del deporte.

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